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Spirit of Intimacy Byron Bay: Tantra in Paradise | Dec 15 – 17, 2017

December 15, 2017 @ 1:11 pm - December 17, 2017 @ 5:55 pm AEDT

This boutique tantra festival offers an intimate buffet of PLAY-shops, WORK-shops, Ritual, ceremony, ecstatic dance, fire ceremony and 40+ generous offerings curated from the spaces where sacred sexuality, spirituality, shamanism, temple arts & neuroscience meet. You’re invited to come by yourself, with a partner, or with friends.
Intimacy is also my/your capacity of in-to-ME-SEE. Being SEEN is Erotic. Revealing vulnerability and witnessing others there without judgement and be seen there. The veils of lesser identity drop to sip the passion-play of our cosmic affinity. Past participants have called this juicy festival *Occupying Intimacy* from the inside-out, loving first, then being, and then doing.
Also featuring
*SPONTANEOUS share your gifts river chill corner with dance music and participants sharing their gifts on a blackboard*
*Supervised kids PLAY area with face painting & crafts*
*Sacred SAFE haven sanctuary in the tree house for participants seeking emotional support during the festival*
The festival supports the elevation of sensuality, consciousness, embodiment, intimacy, heart-fullness, art, beauty & life-force energy instead of disembodiment, time, money, and fear. Shared over 3 days and 2 nights at Paradise One, a permaculture inspired eco resort in the lush hinterland of Byron Bay, complete with large indoor training space, bush surrounds, lovely river swimming hole, natural hot tub and 3 delicious daily meals with produce from onsite gardens.
The Spirit of Intimacy was launched in the Danish countryside on the island of Møn in June 2017. This is the second edition of the festival. The next edition of the festival is in Arambol, Goa (Feb 8 – 10, 2018- with planned editions in Denmark & the UK.
Limited tickets available for this weekend to facilitate the creation of a held, personal container for this weekend. This is an International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)-affiliated event.
Follow the link to our festival preview:
“…in these times of transition,
the intention of this festival,
is to cultivate, nurture and grow,
the spirit of intimacy,
occupying intimacy,
to fuel social change,
from the inside,
radiating outside,
reflecting the hall of mirrors,
of reality,
while drinking,
the spirit of intimacy..”

The festival honors curiosity like the artist honours mystery. Safety, Boundaries & Consent are a central part of the festival experience, alongside play, emotional release, activation, pleasure celebration, ritual, grounding & integration.
The festival is a safe, sex-positive environment with spaces shape-shifting between a laboratory, playpen, dojo, temple, dance floor and cuddle space. Facilitators create held spaces using tantra, the temple arts, plant medicine teachings, play, breath, movement, bodywork, healing, un-learning & learning.

 Festival Schedule: Workshop names & times

Spirit of Intimacy – Detailed description of workshops and facilitator bios

The following international sacred sexuality guides & artists are serving you a juicy buffet of offerings for your mind, heart, belly, and sex:
— Binoy Milton Dsouza (India/Sweden/Planet Earth)
— Xavier Arya Bouquillard (France/Aus)
— Issia Patricia Miller (US)
— Stephanie Phillips (VIC)
— Zapheria Bell (QLD)
— Mariam Nour (NSW)
— Juliet Allen (WA)
— Rainbow Partner Yoga (Aus)
— DJ Ria Rythms (NZ)
— Sebastien Daka (France/Aus)
— Darpan (Aus)
— Gypsy and Travers Ross (NSW)
— E.J. Love (NZ/Qld)
— Marion Ellyard (Ger/NSW)
— Raghida Shaman (Interdimensional)
— Alex Grant (USA/NSW)
— Jemmita Inkari Kuyay (Star being from Pleiades)
— Maruś Wegrzyn (Aus)
— Mariana Ibrahim (Aus)
— Ajna Stephanie (US)
— Adrian & Monica (Transylvania)
— Aya Iwaski (NZ)
• Wheel of Consent • Kundalini Tantra Activation • Womb Journey • Tantric Dance Activation • Cacao Ceremony • Cuddle Party • Divine Masculine & Feminine, Shiva & Shakti Ritual • Yoga Rhythms • Sacred Song Circles • Rainbow Yoga • Khajuraho Tantric Temples Meditation • Sacred Masculine Awakening • Energetic Body Ritual • Emotional Body Ritual • Women’s Pleasure Ritual • The Art of Receiving • Human Mandala Yoga • Partner Yoga • Trauma Healing Workshop • Voice Activation Workshop • Cacao Ceremony • Tantric Sound Journey • Tantric Kundalini Pranayama • Temple Night with DJ • Ecstatic Chillout Space • The Art of Loving Men • Nude Yoga
Wherever you have come from and wherever you are going, this festival is for you. Calling parents, visionary creatives, yogis, spiritual rebels, conscious activists & change makers who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world, and thereby inspire others. Irrespective of whether you are single or in a relationship, or if you prefer not to have any labels around your relating, and irrespective of your gender, race, sexuality, beliefs.
Sustenance for this juiced-up weekend is designed to raise your vibration fuel your soul. The nutrition will be primarily vegan and vegetarian. In addition, there will be herbal elixirs, tonics, and lots of superfood potions for sale.
There are a limited number of tickets available for this weekend to facilitate the creation of a held, personal container. All accommodation options include food and a tea station for the weekend.
Ticket and accommodation packages:
Includes admission to all workshops, food and tea. Stay offsite, or bring your own tent or van and camp for free. AUD 375
Optional accommodation add-ons for the weekend
“Easy” – Bed in a yurt for the weekend: add AUD 75
“Nice” – Bed in a forest cabin on a twin share basis: add AUD 125
“Abundance” – Private room in forest cabin with shared bath: add AUD 225
Get your tickets here –
All bookings and ticket purchases are non-refundable. Tickets can be transferred with the approval of the festival organizers. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE ON ANY TICKET will be given or service fee except in accordance with the applicable Live Performance Australia code of practice for Event Ticketing . This is an all weather event. No refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to personal reasons or inclement weather.
Yoga mat and cushion
Clothes to flow and shimmer in
Sweet vibes
Ajna is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. Originally from New York, she is a qualified Rebirther, accredited yoga teacher, certified massage therapist, Watsu (water massage) practitioner, Tantrika, Reiki master, and Theta healer. She has travelled deeply within and around the world, learning and teaching ancient and new age forms of healing. She loves to hold a strong and nurturing space for the process of each individual, with full permission for all of the person and personality to be wholly accepted and integrated.
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Native New Yorker Alex Grant is passionate about facilitating transformation in himself and others. He is a yoga teacher, acupuncturist, entrepreneur and visionary. He is the Founder of Byron Community Acupuncture,, Byron Spirit Festival and the Hamptons Yoga Festival.
Binoy co-creates group fields celebrating the mystery of love all over the planet. He loves exploring paradoxes and the dance beyond dualities: mind and animal; masculine and feminine; spirit and body; personality and soul. He loves exploring the depths and the heights of the journey of being human. He loves celebrating the process of peeling away sheaths of persona, masks of being to reveal more soul essence. He loves the process of making consciousness malleable and feeling the sacredness of the animal-body-temple. He creates containers for that process, and also works one-on-one.
More info —
Darpan is a neo-shaman and urban mystic. He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts, sound healing seminars and shamanic retreats. He is a living synthesis of his teachings and is an inspirational speaker and gifted musician. He was born in the Netherlands and was raised and educated in Australia. He graduated from Flinders University with a B.A (hons) majoring in Psychology and the Dramatic Arts. He spent several years studying the art of Meditation in India with Osho, an enlightened mystic, and later lived and worked with various shamans and healers in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Further studies include Transpersonal Psychology and the teachings of Dr. Stanislav Grof. He is also deeply influenced by Tibetan Bhuddist and Taoist philosophy.
In his presentations he weaves together 30 years of experience in consciousness research, vibrational healing and the shamanic arts, creating a unique transmission that enlivens and transforms. Darpan is a spontaneous and engaging speaker with a natural flair for embellishing his talks with interesting stories, anecdotal references and rich personal experience. He delivers a wealth of information within a context which inspires and motivates. His passion is creating positive change by initiating vision and awakening new perspectives. He is a man of many talents and has worked at various times as an actor, musician, teacher, therapist and counsellor. He has produced several CD’s of original music. These include “Body of Light”, “Fly Away”, “Temple of Glowing Sound” and his most recent release, “LoveLight”. He is an avid writer and has contributed articles to various publications.
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Rire Norman AKA (DJ R.I.A) is Rhythms In Action; a Galactic love-warrior, Dj & Yoga/Dance facilitator who’s spent the past 17 years spinning tunes and the last 3 years traveling between Australia & New Zealand sharing and performing her Yoga Rhythms ~ Conscious Dance & Movement Project. She’s passionate about empowering and inspiring others to live a more sustainable and wholesome existence, while she herself learns and evolves on this blue-green planet. She guides her workshops using the powerful tools of electronic music, yoga & moving meditation, free-form dance and breath connection with an intention to transform old, stuck and toxic energies into joy, ecstasy, wellbeing and presence for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.
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EJ Love is a love, relationship and sex coach, sexual healer, Tantra practitioner and has been aptly dubbed the “Love Priestess.” She helps people to heal and empower themselves in their relationships, love, intimacy and sex. Speaking from her own personal experience, she travels the world sharing her message through speaking events, media, radio shows and writing articles, books and blogs as well as often being interviewed on mainstream TV. She is on a mission to help people to deeply feel the love that they are, heal themselves so that they can have amazing soul-connected relationships. She is particularly passionate about helping women to heal their relationships with men and bring more harmony, understanding and love between the sexes.
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Rainbow Yoga is one of the most well known and loved international yoga specialization teacher trainings in the world. Come to forget all of life’s seriousness and learn how to connect people through inter-generational yoga. Our yoga is interactive and social. We touch, we hug, we move together and we co-create the class in a magical way that creates a playful space for everybody to want more… Because Rainbow Yoga simply makes yoga SUPER FUN!
Angel & Gopala Have been connecting people through yoga for over 24 years now. Their unique style of interactive social yoga has won the hearts of thousands of people all around the world. Angel and Gopala have trained over 18,000 yoga teachers through their Rainbow Kids Yoga, Rainbow Partner & Community Yoga, and 200/300 hour Yoga Specialty Teacher Training. Angel & Gopala are passionate about creating beautiful shapes while doing group yoga together in a circle and are always endeavouring to create new ways to bring people closer together in body mind and spirit through yoga.
More info —
Gypsy is a diverse creative, who creates raw, soulful art through the modalities of music, writing and dance. She trained as a dancer from a young age in England, and has worked as a professional dancer in the UK, Ibiza and Australia. Over the past few years Gypsy has been cultivating her own style of movement, infused with goddess energy and inspired from dreams of the ancient temple dances. She creates a sensual feminine essence in her dance, entwining her urban upbringing and mystical nature. She is passionate about empowering others to connect to their true essence of being through the powers of music and dance.
Jemma is deeply reverent to the Wisdom of all Indigenous peoples from around the World, and especially works with the wisdom of Andean Shamanic Path, the Cosmology of the Inca of Peru. She has extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony both here in Australia and across the world, and spends many months a year learning from her Maestros in Peru and taking guided groups on an annual Spiritual Pilgrimage into the Andes Mountains across the Winter Solstice or Inti Raymi – the Andean New Year.
Jemma feels that Ceremony is a Celebration of Life. That our connection to the Earth, each other and especially to ourselves is missing in our busy modern lives. Through cultivating a reverent and grateful connection to the Universal Beings and Pacha Mama that support us through Ceremony, we in turn become more in alignment with our true nature which is Infinite LOVE, JOY and FREEDOM.
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A world-wide traveller, Issia comes from California with a background as a therapeutic bodyworker, yoga instructor, Tantrika & Steiner teacher. Issia is passionate about personal development, self healing and empowerment work. She believes that healing occurs when emotional, mental and spiritual bodies align with the physical. Her life’s purpose is to support the collective field to reawaken and remember that all is sacred.
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Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sexuality Coach, Tantra Practitioner and author. With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet facilitates 1:1 coaching sessions, educative workshops, and transformative retreats. Juliet’s purpose is to empower men and women to embrace their sexuality & transform their sex and relationships.
Juliet comes from a background in psychology and sexology, is a qualified Yoga Teacher and is trained as a Kundalini Tantra practitioner. Juliet is a committed mother, passionate entrepreneur and lover of all-things sex and sensuality. Known for authentically sharing her own personal experiences as a sexually empowered woman, Juliet is committed to freeing people from mundane and disempowered sexual relationships and opens up the conversation of how to have great sex everyday.
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Keeta has been flying around as a Faerie friend to all children for over 13 years. She brings the treasures of nature and imagination into these magical kids’ spaces and creates beautiful trinkets and treasures for children of all ages to enjoy. Together they explore the magic and fun of dancing, crafting, exploring, building, story telling and being in the garden. This weekend will offer a safe and harmonious place for your children to craft, create, play and relax with Keeta and her Faerie helpers.
Mariam is an accredited Yoni Mapping Therapist, Psychotherapist, Relationship and Sexuality Coach, Yoga Teacher, Poet and Writer. Once a Psychologist specialising in sexual trauma, Mariam found herself disappointed and wholly unconvinced by the mainstream pathways to healing. This led her to turn inward and to the natural world to deeply understand the laws of nature, that too govern self-healing. Her path led her to the yogic path, somatosensory experiencing, erotic dance, sacred sexuality, the temple arts and inner child work. Mariam walks a unique path, marrying Science and Spirit, the profane and mundane to the sacred and the divine.
Her path to self-sovereignty, has been one of radical self love, self acceptance, compassion and honouring. It is through this deeply honest place with herself, her body’s knowing and the courage to see through the eyes of unconditional love that Mariam is able to hold the beauty and fragility of our humanness with the unwavering seeing of our limitless divinity. Mariam holds a deep container of safety,deep seeing, understanding and truth in which people can powerfully re-discover themselves and show up – alive, real, raw and on purpose, in truth and self-sovereignty. Mariam works 1:1 with men and women in reclaiming the full potency of their sexuality, self-sovereignty and personal reclamation and empowered self-expression through coaching, tantric bodywork, workshops and retreats.
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Mariana is a guide into the embodied authentic self, assisting in the rediscovery of the real you. Her mission is to enable each person to navigate into their natural born right of joy and freedom. Creator of Juicy Woman and Hair Therapy, and Mirror Art Therapy, she is a transpersonal counsellor, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and a dance and art therapist. Mariana is a mother of two young women, and has transversed the terrain of parenthood to uncover her personal truths.
Marion Ellyard lives in Byron Bay as a passionate mother, meditator, presenter and counsellor. Marion works as a counsellor specialising in the Demartini Method, Joe Dispenza, Body Psychoenergetics, Relationship & Intimacy Coaching and Core Energetics, with the wish to bring more joy and empowerment to people who seek to raise their awareness and bring transformation to their personal lives and their relationships.
Marion started her own modality called ‘Sexological Charts’. With this system we look at all the expressions of your sexuality, your fantasies, your actual sexual reality, your styles of relating and like a map it guides us to who you are, what wounds you may carry opening the horizon for healing and greater wholeness. She is passionate presenting and holding workshops about many topics including meditation, conscious kink, sacred sexuality temple ceremonies and emotional release and relational topics.
She is also the director of the Taste of Love Tantra Festival and has experience with over 8000 sessions as a bodyworker.
More Info —
Maruś brings to the world a real, raw and revealing truth of ways to embrace and master every aspect in your life. He is an international educator, orator, consultant, and the founder of LoveLife, LoveLife Education, and the LoveLife Foundation. For more than 13 years he has specialised in love, intimacy, sex and authentic relating through Sensual Healing, Pelvic Massage De-armouring and Cuddle Party Australia, with an emphasis towards healing sexual trauma. He has a global vision to put an end to sexual abuse, assault and interference within 4 generations via education through his Foundation.
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Raghida’s passion is to facilitate change and bring every soul she touches back to Harmony, Peace & Equilibrium within. Her divine soul mission is to work with people all over the world to bring forth their highest potentiality in whatever the inner urgings of their heart calls forth . Her ability is to access the chambers of the soul within and see what their gifts , life mission , passion , soul yearning and commitment to wholeness of the overall wellbeing of the Soul into Self Mastery.
She has received expert Shamanic training, tracking and calibrating medicine in the light body through the Inka Shamanic tradition. She is a Full Mesa Carrier of the 13th Rites in the Laica , Inka And Quero traditions . Her ability to see through the dimensions and bring back right relationship ( AINE), wellness, health, peace , light and love back into life through the soul of a person . From that space it will be filtrate into and through the physical , emotional , mental , psychological and soul bodies . This empowers , activates and awakens the cellular memory of the person back to higher consciousness and an awakened state of being.
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Ron started his journey with conscious sexuality in 1998. Driven by a natural openness and curiosity, and several long term relationships, the questions remains: What is relating all about, and how does sexuality fit in? He has a passion for helping others to find their way back to truly being heard and seen. He guides people to heal their own core wounds so they can feel happiness, constant empowerment, and certainty and safety with life. He works with individuals and couples from his practice in Currumbin as a relationship and intimacy coach.
Following a near-death experience in a car crash at the age of 19, Sebastien left his “formal life” and jumped body and soul into a spiritual quest. For 14 years he lived and travelled between Asia and Central and South America studying paths of development, realisation and healing with master guides. He has developed a subtle and powerful combination of spirituality, occultism and parapsychology in his Tantric practice and has taught in France, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United States and Mexico.
Stephanie draws on intuitive pathways to open the body to its natural wisdom, with tools for re-membering authentic power and energetic alignment. She works with modalities of self awareness including Mindfulness, Gestalt therapy, movement meditation, dance expression, humanistic psychology, NLP, Tantra, shamanic practices, conscious sexuality and the healing arts.
Stephanie’s lead people in the studio, on the stage, in the boardroom, down the runway, at the retreat, from the podium, down the mountain, off the cliff and in the temple. She’s held people through their baptism of fire, through the shedding and the chaos, and journeyed with them to the safe haven on the other side.
Her bodywork mastery was honed from private practice in Remedial massage, Polarity therapy, Reiki, body de-armouring, and Reflexology. The energetics came after a freak accident disabled her hand, meaning that she had to change strategy about how she worked with people. (Often our greatest disasters become our biggest gifts.) Her background is Classical / Contemporary Dance, a B. Ed, the Fitness industry, the Health and Wellness sector, executive coaching, and crafting groundbreaking and transformational mentoring programs for men and women.
She’s been a facilitator and faculty member with ISTA since 2015.
More info —
“Living a Sacred life with clear Loving intention as a constant choice.“
Xavier is a powerful Love Warrior dedicating his life to being a channel through which Love can manifest. He practices everyday with many different tools and modalities to continually deepen into his capacity.
With full presence and gratitude and leading by example Xavier is working to heal and teach in the areas of presence, sexuality, relating and the power of the divine masculine and feminine. Studying as much as possible and being in service on a daily basis.
Born in France in the 70s, Xavier now lives in Byron Bay Australia where he surfs, gardens and works on his life mission. Over the years he has studied with many teachers and masters. Moving into his own unique practices and techniques, he has recently begun offering them publicly in the form of counseling sessions, tantric healing massages, Holographic kinetics, Reiki, coaching and training.
More info —
Zapheria is a seeker of love in all its forms and has dedicated her life to opening the hearts of the world. Weaving together a powerful combination of tools, she is a Master Spiral Practitioner, Dance Journey Facilitator, Shamanic Womb Activator, tantrika, and weaver of magick. Her current gifts to the world are the creations of Ecstatic Bliss Dance, the Evolutionary Woman Program, and co-creator of the Womb Spiral Initiation.
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December 15, 2017 @ 1:11 pm
December 17, 2017 @ 5:55 pm
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