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is written & re-written,

in word,

by the mind of humanity.


the not-written HIS-story,

HER-story is,

a frequency waiting to pierce you,

transmission in a field of resonance.


the un-acknowledged witch-hunt,

the story of the patriarchy ravaging female bodies,

and the feminine within women & men,

the unseen multi-millenial war between the genders,

is a vile aspect of HIS-story,

a shadow of collective humanity.


this aspect of HIS-story,

continues to express,

in myriad shadowy forms,

war, sexual abuse, torture, financial inequality…


on an abundant planet,

we’re at a twisted place,

equating females exclusively with femininity,

and males exclusively with masculinity,

resisting loving the other.


we’ve set into motion,

an exponentially destructive dynamic of victim and perpetrator,

interchanging roles between immature expressions,

of the masculine and feminine,

expressing as males and females,

and also females, males, and other genders.


irrespective of the body we’re in,

or how we identify,

we’re depriving ourselves,

of discovering the dance,

between masculine and feminine within.


putting ear to the dirt,

listening to the womb of the earth,

acknowledging HER-story,

allowing vulnerability.


finding forgiveness,

owning personal and collective responsibility,

the mystery of un-learning and not-knowing,

purifying body-minds,

seeking the beloved within…



surrendering to the longing,

of allowing,

HER-story to dance to HIS-story,

rediscovering temples of soulcraft….

– Binoy

Artist – Diana Hansen Young