Hatching hermaphroditic baby serpents October 28, 2017 – Posted in: LaboratoryofVisionaryPlay – Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

illuminating the mystery,
of mandala of stones,
following body like a compass,
guided by magnetic resonance of vibration.

using dictionary of twinkling stars,
in the dark night sky,
tracing an orphic egg,
in the mandala colouring book.

multidimensional shamans,
like birds flocking together,
shooting diagonal arrows of eros across stones,
on the bow of loving presence.

peeling away,
the 2 crosses on the zodiacal egg,
revolving earth,
tracing the circle of personality.

marriage of the dualities within,
witnessed by the attributes of light,
celebrant at the wedding,
of divine comedy.

surrendering to union with beloved within,
giving consent,
aligning with pillar of lightning,
resolving outer sheath  with pillar of light within.

triangulating will,
through the base and head,
feeling awakening of the cosmic serpent,
pierce through heart.

can the paradox of,
spiritual impostors seeking answers,
be felt within?
and also found,
in the mysteries of secret doctrines?
mandala of orphic egg,
hatching hermaphroditic baby serpents.

– Binoy