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what if the frenzy,
of western civilization,
we’re experiencing,
is like an auto-immune disease?

the body rebels,
becomes hyperactive,
seems disociated from the mind,
wages guerrilla war.

what if we need not,
keep creating fantasies of a better future,
but choose rest instead.
go back to helplessness,
known to the ancient Greeks as “pathlessness”?

what if we dare to say,
we have reached the point,
where we don’t know,
where to go?

if you’re lucky,
at some point,
in your life,
you’ll come to a crossroads.

the path left leads to hell,
the path right leads to hell,
and if you turn around,
you end up in complete hell.

if you’re not lucky,
you’ll only,
come to this point,
when you die.

the world of senses,
can never fulfill us,
even though western civilization,
will have us believe in the opposite.

involution and evolution happens,
when we choose to face death,
before we die,
discover what is able to slide behind,
& humble ourselves,
in surrender.

– Thanks to Bruce Lyon & Peter Kingsley