Intimacy = in-to-me-see? November 26, 2017 – Posted in: LaboratoryofVisionaryPlay – Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Intimacy is also my capacity of into-ME-SEE. Revealing vulnerability and allowing myself to witness others there without judgement and be seen there.

Writing a story of constantly allowing myself to see those I love most deeply in a more, new, fractured light, AND
also be seen in that place.
RISK-ing that damming possibility. Choosing to LOVE through that hard. a – WAVE – ning into-ME-SEE with existence.

Intimacy is capacity for soul communion with fractals of myself. Mind – Body. Masculine – Feminine. Spirit – Animal. And beyond those dualities with emptiness. To the essence of my nakedness. And in between the razor edges.

Loving through to the essence of another being also naked, disrobed of sheaths covered in persona, armor, PERSON – ality, person – ARMOR – ity….

Is my capacity to love through another, cosmic? To disappear into the well spring of another, like two black holes dancing in the center of merged galaxies….

In-to-MEE-SEE is the capacity to give myself permission to be WEIRD with another, and find out that they don’t judge me. Better still, they CELEBRATE me.

My suspicion of deep intimacy, tender companion (COMPASSION) – ship was how I walked in gardens before. Not stopping to pause, to witness, smell, & celebrate the FLOWERS – erectile, EROS-filled tissue of nature….

My fear of real intimacy was my fear of being really dangerous. Of discovering how much I could love.

Is the opposite of LONE-liness, COMMUNITY, togetherness? Can it also be Intimacy, in-to-ME-SEE…