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as a collective,

we treat consciousness,

like a pyramid scheme,

consisting exclusively of higher vibration,

subtler, finer; one half of ever-present duality.


like monkeys covering eyes and ears,

we pretend the density of vibrations,

sitting lower in our body,

disappear if we avoid looking there.


we long to go beyond,

being driven by our mind,

using our mind,

a koan of epic-mind-fuck-ery,

castrated from throbbing wombs, yonis, and balls.


the other side of the crisis of personality,

weary of spiritual materialism and changing wardrobe,

is the pilgrimage of descent,

into the underworld of low vibration.


our bespoke, personal mine,

to extract diamonds from our darkness,

revealing the infinite tenderness and diamond clarity of our divinity,

soul-craft  for integrated spiritual human animals.


Artist – Hieronymus Bosch, Detail from Garden of Earthly Delights