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I facilitate the following embodied work (play) – shops and immersions:

– Tantric Transformational Flow Immersion

–  The Spirit of Intimacy

– Tantric Movement Alchemy (workshop)

– Learn Argentinian Tango (workshop & immersion)


Would you like to bring any of the workshops below to your city? I love co-creating internationally. Drop me a message.

Tantric Transformational Flow Immersion

<<<The Invitation>>>

This is an embodied 2-day exploration of boundaries, consent, the energetic and emotional body, energetic orgasm & intimacy. With the curiosity of explorers traveling on a voyage of discovery, we explore the state of flow, the effortless state of consciousness in the bodymind where *movement is unfolding*, yet we are not forcing ourselves to *do anything*. We explore the expansiveness of our own emotional & energetic bodies dancing between chaos, form, and field.

<<<What happens during the weekend?>>>

We experience how to create safety for ourselves through embodied, somatic experiences of consent. We activate our emotional bodies. Journeying into the state of flow, we create intimacy with ourselves first, and then explore authentically sharing intimacy with others in a safe container.
With tenderness, we explore the stages (mental, physical, emotional, energetic & sensual) of intimacy.

We are energy beings. Energy is always in (e)-motion. With a new awareness of our emotional body, we create interactions to experience our quantum nature. As primates, movement is still our primal mother tongue. Through movement, we uncover unconscious patterns and emotions, acknowledge the hidden power of our desires, and bring them into conscious awareness. There are moments when we break through the conditioning of the mind in pain, but pleasure is an extraordinary facilitator into this extraordinary state of being. We practice the skill of expanding our capacity for pleasure.

<<<What will you take home?>>>

– Practical skills to activate the social engagement nervous system, parasympathetic system & to stimulate vagal tone. This supports you to increase resilience to periods of stress.
– Connect with your emotional body & orgasmic potential
– Connect with your subtle sexuality, the refined movements of sexual energy in the body.
– Practical skills to expand your capacity for pleasure.

<<<Who is this immersion for?>>>

This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in exploring the power of their emotions. Some people attend as sovereign single beings, while others attend with a partner. This workshop is for people of all genders and all sexual orientations.

At the beginning of the immersion, we establish boundaries together, so that every participant feels fully honored and supported in moving only as fast and as far as their sense of safety permits. No one is required to do anything they do not want to do, so each person decides their level of involvement, without peer group pressure.

Art – Miles Toland

The Spirit of Intimacy

<<<The Invitation>>>

The spirit of intimacy is a 3-day living, seed festival for between 50 – 60 beings to celebrate the capacity of visionary play to co-create new-paradigm living culture.  Exploring occupying the spirit of intimacy from the inside-out, it could also be called Occupy In-to-me-see. The Spirit of Intimacy was launched in the Danish countryside on the island of Møn in June 2017. The second edition is scheduled to take place in Byron Bay, Australia – Dec 15 – 17, 2017.  The third edition will take place in Arambol, Goa – Feb 8 – 10, 2018.  See calendar of events.

The festival is a living organism, evolving with each edition. The festival is a safe space shapeshifting between a laboratory, playpen, dojo, temple, dance floor, cuddle-party, and beach (it is actually by the beach) in the sun to support the elevation of sensuality, consciousness, embodiment, sexuality, intimacy, heart-fullness, art, beauty & life-force energy instead of disembodiment, time, money, and fear.

Contact Binoy using the Contact form on the website if you would like to organize the Spirit of Intimacy in your city.

<<<What happens during the festival>>>

Safety, Boundaries & Consent are a central part of the festival experience, alongside fun, play, exploration, emotional release, activation, pleasure celebration, ritual, grounding & integration. We create safe held spaces using tantra, the temple arts, plant medicine teachers, play, breath, movement, bodywork, healing, un-learning & learning. Co-creating an alchemical environment, intimacy connected to consciousness, heartfulness, and life-force energy can be used as our personal radical stimulus, to set off a multiplication effect with the greater intention to transform the collective human heart.

Between 5 – 9 compelling guides of the temple arts come together to facilitate this festival.

<<<Who is this gathering for?>>>
Calling visionary creatives, spiritual rebels, conscious activists & change makers who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world, and thereby inspire others. Whether you are single or in a relationship, or if you prefer not to have any labels around your relating, and irrespective of your gender, race, sexuality, beliefs, wherever you have come from and wherever you are going, this gathering is for you.

Art – Miles Toland

Tantric Movement Alchemy

<<<The Invitation>>>

This is an embodied exploration of the spaces where Classical and Tibetan Tantra meet through The lens of Argentinian Tango, Mantra, movement, and stillness.

<<<What happens during the workshop?>>>

Have you broken through your organized state of mind? There are moments when we break through the organized frame of mind in pain. However,  during the workshop, we explore following pleasure and stillness in movement, we transcend the organized frame of mind into the state of flow, .

Suddenly this certainty creeps in, and we just know without any justification or past memory. In-formation; forms that come from inner structures, suddenly, simply arise. In-tuition or learning from the inside happens.

We move from our physical bodies, into our emotional bodies into a state of flow. We take a quantum jump into not-knowing and yet being so clearly precise.

How different would your life look if you knew how to create transformation from inside from a place of pleasure. This evening usually also serves as an introduction to Tantric Transformational Flow Immersion.

<<<What will you take home?>>

– Appreciate and activate the social engagement system and parasympathetic nervous system’

–  Awareness of otherwise unconscious patterns of behavior

– Expand your idea of intimacy with yourself and others.


<<<Other important information>>>
– Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring socks that slide easily on a wooden floor.

– No prior experience of tango required.

Art – Miles Toland

Seeds of Sacred Ecstacy

<<<The Invitation>>>

How different would your life look if you knew how to create transformation from a place of pleasure? Yet, often we only change because of painful, or chronically dissatisfying circumstances. Life can veil us from an alternative paradigm of living, one unfolding from a state of sacred ecstasy.

There are many paths to realising a state of sacred ecstasy. In this weekend, we utilise an alchemical distillation of Touch and Argentinian Tango to experience the fundamental principles and effects of Tantra. Specifically, we blend the emotion, rhythm, and movement of tango with the awareness and state of embodiment that arise through massage and touch as an alternative lens to expand our experience of tantra and of ourselves.

When mind, heart, belly, animal, and soul are in alignment, deep transformation can unfold from this extraordinary place.

<<<What happens during the weekend?>>>
Using tango, touch, bio-energetics, meditation, and ritual, we uncover unconscious patterns and emotions, and bring them into conscious awareness. Energy is always in (e)-motion. Through the wisdom of the physical body, and through a new awareness of our emotional and energetic body, we expand our experience of ourselves and how we move in the world.

<<<What will you take home?>>>
– Expand and deepen your intimacy in relating to yourself and others
– Identify how tension/holding impacts the next step of life and the pleasure and vitality we can feel in our bodies
– Explore the unique gifts of tango, touch and embodied practices
– Reconnect with the place in your being from which both life force energy and consciousness arise.
– Appreciate and activate the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate vagal tone; this enables us to relax more quickly after periods of stress.

<<<Who is this weekend for?>>>
This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in exploring the power of their emotions. Some people attend as soverign single beings, while others attend with a partner. No prior experience of tango is required.

<<<Other important information>>>
– The weekend is a clothed practice.
– Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring socks that slide easily on a wooden floor.

Learn Argentinian Tango // Tango for Absolute Beginners

<<<Why do we learn to dance?>>>

We dance to tell each other our stories.

<<<Tell me more?>>>

Argentinian Tango an infinite language of exploring embodied spiritual poetry. It is an endless journey of learning to walk in an embrace with another human being to heart-breaking poetry set to music from the turn of the last century.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve run over 20 weekend workshops for absolute beginners through the community Tango project I created when I returned to Sweden after my first trip to Buenos Aires – Its Cold Up North Dance Tango.

Many local dancers first got addicted to the dance during a weekend workshop for absolute beginners. I’ve also collaborated with artists from Europe, America, and Argentina to create workshop weekends for intermediate and advanced Tango students in Göteborg.

I’ve also spent a significant portion of the past years traveling across Europe to get a fix of tango at tango marathons and festivals. I’ve spent 3 winters living in Buenos Aires, learning, practicing, training, and learning from many talented human beings who breathe this dance.

Reflections from participants

Last weekends workshop was a beauty-full experience, I surrendered and allowed myself to fully drop into my body, feeling every sensation with deep presence and allowing through the journey of sensuality. With the loving support from the group, i was able to fully allow myself to be vulnerable, and not hide behind the anxiousness that i sometimes experience when relating. Since the workshop i find myself reflecting, and gaining more of an awareness of what i ‘carry’ with my ‘relating style’ and techniques to move through it.

Roaring, meowing and endless purring, my wildness can no longer be supressed or an inconvenience. As i open my heart, looking deep within, feeling into the pain and the manifested discomfort that has been locked inside of me. I give myself permission to scream, cry, laugh and be really fu*king vunerable, face my shadows, and no longer getting lost in ‘the story’ and causing myself unessecary pain. To set clear boundaries, to have my needs met and continue to practice true self love. To always respect myself, trust my intuition and continue to build a loving relationship with myself. This weekend i was held in an incredibly magical space with some wonderful humans as we danced our dance.

So much grattitude to Binoy for his knowledge, holding space, and to the group for their vunerability

I am love <3

Tantric Transformational Movement Alchemy Immersion – Bali, March 2017

Hara Om Tat Sat, Bali

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