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The Laboratory of Visionary Play: Beyond Mind-sturbation

Visionary play – A ceremonial offering of self The code of visionary art is very deep. It transcends culture and time. It is an affirmation of what human beings see in dreams or are feeling. It is a flash of a reminder of a place we have been to before. We may not have seen this waking state before but it invokes something inside, a memory of the past or future, or of the multi-dimensional reality…

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Watching the Matrix as a documentary, not science fiction

As an experiment, I recently watched “The Matrix”, the original 1999 vintage of the film again. I may be late to this party, but it struck me (Thank you, Bruce Lipton) that the film categorized as science fiction in 1999, could also be lazily-categorized as a documentary in 2017. Finding freedom in delusion and creation in chaos can require us to deviate from the bounds of perception and awaken from habitual thought patterns. Perception underpins everything we think, know, believe, or…

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