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Spirit of Intimacy Byron Bay: Tantra in Paradise | Dec 15 – 17, 2017

This boutique tantra festival offers an intimate buffet of PLAY-shops, WORK-shops, Ritual, ceremony, ecstatic dance, fire ceremony and 40+ generous offerings curated from the spaces where sacred sexuality, spirituality, shamanism, temple arts & neuroscience meet. You're invited to come by yourself, with a partner, or with friends.   Intimacy is also my/your capacity of in-to-ME-SEE. Being SEEN is Erotic. Revealing vulnerability and witnessing others there without judgement and be seen there. The veils of lesser… Continue reading
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A healing prayer for #METOO

“…the WAKING dream, a-WAVE-ining from slumber, FLOWING with the devic life, into-ME-SEE with self, ALLOWING, breathing, SOFTENING to existence, SURRENDERING, breathing, RECEIVING, PAUSING. INTIMACY with nature, EROTIC chammomile flowers, OPERATIC evening sky, SUBLIMATING,TRANSMUTING, stories of #METOO, in a field of love, BHAKTI, SHAKTI, ECSTASY & in-to-ME-SEE, through intimacy into-MESEE, with land, self, and soul -Binoy  in-to#METOO,  in-to-ME-SEE, Intimacy,  

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Intimacy = in-to-me-see?

Intimacy is also my capacity of into-ME-SEE. Revealing vulnerability and allowing myself to witness others there without judgement and be seen there. Writing a story of constantly allowing myself to see those I love most deeply in a more, new, fractured light, AND also be seen in that place. RISK-ing that damming possibility. Choosing to LOVE through that hard. a - WAVE - ning into-ME-SEE with existence. Intimacy is capacity for soul communion with fractals… Continue reading