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India // Nataraj – Spiritual Dance Festival

This 5 day event will feature some of the best dance teachers in the fields of spiritual dance plus individual workshops and special choreography classes in more classical and modern dance styles. I’m going to be facilitating two workshops: Tantric Movement Alchemy Argentinian Tango for Beginners Evenings will include special dance performances and also the Nataraj Lounge with musicians playing live. What’s more we will be bringing in the new year in style in this…

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Stockholm // Seeds of Sacred Ecstasy – Transformational Alchemy

<<<What’s it all about – The invitation>>> How different would your life look if you knew how to create transformation from a place of pleasure? Yet, often we only change because of painful, or chronically dissatisfying circumstances. Life can veil us from an alternative paradigm of living, one unfolding from a state of sacred ecstasy. There are many paths to realising a state of sacred ecstasy. During this weekend, we use an alchemical distillation of…

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