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Thank you for having brought this amazing workshop to Stockholm❤️

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to go to this workshop, but the blend of three things that I love drew me to it. Now afterwards I’m amazed by the power of the fusion of tantra, tango and touch that you’ve introduced to us. The practice you’ve taught us of dancing into our being is so very gentle with our hearts and our bodies, and through that gentleness it becomes very powerful. I’m still feeling the effects and I feel deeper in touch with myself and who I truly want to be. I know better now how to reach the strong fountain of healing that I carry inside of me all the time. I guess, one of the greatest gifts that you can receive. I feel different parts of me – like mind and heart and belly – more in open dialogue with each other. In learning the core of leading and of following another person’s movements I find that I can be more balanced and more powerful in myself. Tango as a dance has an amazing power to bring up awareness and presence. I can allow my dominating and my surrendering sides to exist naturally and spontaneously through it. Since the workshop I can also hear my inner voice more clearly. Its truly wonderful how you’ve shown me a way into my innermost longings. I found a way home to my body and to my heart. Easy and non-demanding clothes-on exercises made it feel very safe for me. For tantra-beginners as well as tango-beginners, and also for more advanced tantra- and tango practitioners I would sincerely recommend this workshop. I would also recommend it to anyone with a wish to feel more comfortable with one’s body and with closeness to others, since the exercises are so gentle. This workshop is so respectful and gentle and I think that for just that reason it has also gone so deep in my soul.

Big thanks to all of you dear co-participants as well, who each and everyone contributed greatly in creating our loving space throughout the weekend.

Hugs and lots and lots of love❤️

Josefin, Stockholm