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Last weekends workshop was a beauty-full experience, I surrendered and allowed myself to fully drop into my body, feeling every sensation with deep presence and allowing through the journey of sensuality. With the loving support from the group, i was able to fully allow myself to be vulnerable, and not hide behind the anxiousness that i sometimes experience when relating. Since the workshop i find myself reflecting, and gaining more of an awareness of what i ‘carry’ with my ‘relating style’ and techniques to move through it.

Roaring, meowing and endless purring, my wildness can no longer be supressed or an inconvenience. As i open my heart, looking deep within, feeling into the pain and the manifested discomfort that has been locked inside of me. I give myself permission to scream, cry, laugh and be really fu*king vunerable, face my shadows, and no longer getting lost in ‘the story’ and causing myself unessecary pain. To set clear boundaries, to have my needs met and continue to practice true self love. To always respect myself, trust my intuition and continue to build a loving relationship with myself. This weekend i was held in an incredibly magical space with some wonderful humans as we danced our dance.

So much grattitude to Binoy for his knowledge, holding space, and to the group for their vunerability

I am love <3

Tantric Transformational Movement Alchemy Immersion – Bali, March 2017

Hara Om Tat Sat, Bali