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I was made in India for sunny, blue skies full of exotic smells; to find beauty and harmony in chaos.

Growing up, I was surrounded by a syncretic, collective consciousness in which the mystical is interwoven with the rational. At a very young age, I found myself confronting places of separation between the rational and the mystical. I studied engineering at university.  Through redefining how I perceived science,  my journey has been one of finding places and creating synthesis between the rational and the mystical.

I also remembered that what I longed to do most was to travel the world.

998128_10152332628627662_943661662_nI moved to Europe more than a decade ago to work as an Information Engineering consultant. Along the way, I learned to speak 7 languages, including the language of embodied poetry, Argentinian Tango.

Through the process of learning, dancing, and teaching Tango, I stumbled upon other embodied paths, such as yoga, contemporary dance, and bodywork, and Trans-Himalayan Shamanism. I learnt “how to learn”, trusting the wisdom of my body connected to the flashlight of consciousness. I quit my job to find the deeper purpose that I had come to this planet to embody.

My Tantric journey began growing up in India. I’ve longed to understand the meaning of life. My journey was one of ascension, of wanting to climb up the mountain top, to reach higher, rarer, and subtler levels of consciousness and one-ness, while swimming in a sea of my own unconsciousness. However, when I allowed myself the vunerability of exploring my sexuality, I surrendered to life. I allowed myself to feel the twin rivers of grief and heart-break, and my heart burst open. I found diamonds in the dark, and met my own shadow. Spirit embraced my quivering, divine animal.

Tantra has supported me to celebrate the dance of the intuitive and rational in me, integrating pieces of my being that were otherwise unknown, unknown to my consciousness.

I support human beings in the process of making their consciousness malleable, to feel the sacredness of their animal-selves, and from a place of deeper alignment in their beings to remember their deepest longing. I create containers for that process, and also work personally. I use different tools; compassion, attention, intention, alchemy, humor, ecstacy, & personal methods; energetic bodywork, movement, breathwork, touch, amongst others from a place of compassion, love, humility, and humor at my own humanity.

As a personality, I wear many hats. Groovy-esoteric-shaman, lover, dancer, stand-up comedian-in-training, and student of life. As a soul, the fire in my spirit burns to midwife the civilization of souls waking up on this planet through groovy, loving, intelligent embodied expressions – workshops, retreats, trainings,  art,  and conscious business ventures.

I’m apprentice faculty at ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts.

Reflections from Love MoveMent Evolution participants

Last weekends workshop was a beauty-full experience, I surrendered and allowed myself to fully drop into my body, feeling every sensation with deep presence and allowing through the journey of sensuality. With the loving support from the group, i was able to fully allow myself to be vulnerable, and not hide behind the anxiousness that i sometimes experience when relating. Since the workshop i find myself reflecting, and gaining more of an awareness of what i ‘carry’ with my ‘relating style’ and techniques to move through it.

Roaring, meowing and endless purring, my wildness can no longer be supressed or an inconvenience. As i open my heart, looking deep within, feeling into the pain and the manifested discomfort that has been locked inside of me. I give myself permission to scream, cry, laugh and be really fu*king vunerable, face my shadows, and no longer getting lost in ‘the story’ and causing myself unessecary pain. To set clear boundaries, to have my needs met and continue to practice true self love. To always respect myself, trust my intuition and continue to build a loving relationship with myself. This weekend i was held in an incredibly magical space with some wonderful humans as we danced our dance.

So much grattitude to Binoy for his knowledge, holding space, and to the group for their vunerability

I am love <3

Tantric Transformational Movement Alchemy Immersion – Bali, March 2017

Hara Om Tat Sat, Bali


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